Winding down/north

My shoe laces seem to come untied easily when I’m outside. What’s up with that?

Yup, It’s time to leave.

My flight north to McMurdo is on the 1st, which is tomorrow. But since I’m working nights, it’s more like the day after tomorrow in that I have another work day at the end of which (when I usually go to bed) I’ll be getting on a plane.

Panorama from the inside of the dome

So, I finally got a panoramic photo from the inside of the dome. I both need to get a better camera and learn the gimp or photoshop or some such. This though gives some sense of what the dome currently looks like. With it’s spooky gutted main building and boxes of frozen supplies stacked about.

My co-workers who arrived a few days ago are slowly getting acclimated. They are planning on staying here until close of station. Usually that is Feb 15 but that has been “conditionally extended” by perhaps a week. It’s all up to the weather. With -50° F being the point at which the electronics and hydraulics of a C-130 are not rated to work below. It’s down to -23°F today and I’m leaving tomorrow.

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