A few more days

In order for me to have some time working together with my (3 day delayed) fellow DAQ co-workers, and not get on the plane they get off of, I’m staying here a few more days. This is, of course good for work, but not the best news for home. The word from the station manager is that tomorrow morning I’ll find out if I need to change rooms while staying here due to space constraints. Now, to me the word “room” implies a door and not a curtain, so I’m holding out that this somehow means that I’m going to get moved into the station. Mind you, I’m not holding my breath, but hope springs eternal.

I wandered over to the dome last night, to try once again for a panoramic shot from the inside of the dome. It didn’t turn out as I’d like, but this one from inside the dome looking out the main entrance turned out pretty good:

Looking out the dome

And I can’t resist, here’s another in-camera movie, walking from the pole into the dome:

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