I’m famous

So, I took some photos of a book (a comic/animated novel, actually) my wife asked me to bring down here. I popped it up on the geo pole marker and took some shots. It fell off a few times and again my fingers nearly froze off (I can’t push the button on my camera with the leather mittens I wear over my glove liners), but the shots turned out pretty good. I sent them off and they’ve tickled the author so much he’s put them up on his blog. He’s linked to my blog, now I’ve linked to his, I’m so hooked into the blog thing now…

In other news, I walked out to the TOS to help with another deployment. There was a C-130 on the ski-way, so I had to wait to cross. I got a treat of watching it take off in front of me and then circle over MAPO, the ICL and the station before heading north (of course) back to McMurdo. Unfortunately, it is pretty small and I stopped recording after it passed me, but here it is:

One Response to “I’m famous”

  1. Jim Wiebe Says:

    Hi from Minnesota! You make Minnesota look warm.
    God Bless You!
    Jim and Bev

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