I’m still here

So, some (but not all) of the novelty of being here is starting to wear off. Mostly due to my odd (even for this place) work and sleep schedule. I’m keeping a satellite schedule to be awake during the satellite visibility and hence Internet connectivity. After looking at the clock several time several days back and honestly not knowing if it was am or pm without really having to think about it, I switched my alarm clock to 24 hour display. A day later, my body revolted and I slept for 14 hours straight one “night”. I guess I needed it, but I ended up on a day shift which wasn’t the plan. I’m now firmly back on “satellite shift”. Speaking of satellites, apparently the only reason why these three satellites are even visible from the south pole is because they have fallen out of their intended orbit just enough to pop up above the horizon here a few hours a day each. Lucky us.

Another difficult to get adjusted to thing down here is that you have to conserve water usage. Drink all you can, you need it, but you’re only supposed to take two 2-minute showers (running water time) and do one load of laundry each week. During my last rinse-soap-rinse shower, it crossed my mind that if I ever believe that 2-minutes of water per shower is enough, I’ve been here too long.

In fairness, there’s always something fun to do at any given time, a well-stocked music room, pool table, various lounges ranging from quiet reading to smoking, drinking and watching the latest downloaded football game. I just haven’t been taking advantage of all that enough.

I have though, been trying to get outside at least a few times each day, so for you viewing pleasure here is a walk from inside the main station, out to the pole.

One Response to “I’m still here”

  1. t' Says:

    glad to have walked with ya to the pole, but i’d be inside playing pool :->

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