Yes, as a matter of fact, the world does revolve around me.

Me at the South Pole

I finally made it out to the pole(s) today. This year, the ceremonial pole (with the aluminum sphere) and geographic pole (in front of the sign) are right next to each other. The ceremonial pole, with the sphere on top of the barber pole and surrounded by the flags (of the signatories of the antarctic treaty) pretty much stays put, while the geographic pole moves each year. Well, ok the geo pole doesn’t actually move, the ice that all the buildings are on moves so where the pole marker goes need to change correspondingly.

GPS showing 90 south

Here’s a shot of me with my GPS showing 90 degrees south. My fingers nearly froze solid taking that picture (the ones holding the camera – it’s about -22F, -44F with wind chill today). The reading changes pretty frequently and I wanted to get a shot of 90.000.000 exactly. It took a few tries. Interestingly, the longitude just counted up as if I were just off the pole and walking in a circle around the pole. Which I did, so yes, I’ve walked around the world too.

I’ve also added a links off to the right to my YouTube and Flickr pages, so there are lots more videos and photos there to look at.

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