Summer camp, and the livin’ is easy…

My Jamesway bunk

There are two places to sleep at the South Pole: the main station and summer camp. I’m in summer camp and this is a panoramic photo of my ‘room’. The photo distorts the size of the space, which is about 7 ft square. It’s basically a place to sleep, though there is wireless connectivity there. I’m inside Jamesway J-9:

Jamesway J-9

Quonset hut, is what others might call this. That section sticking out to the right (mid-way down the Jamesway) is the furnace which runs continuously heating the place. The temperature inside varies +-8F averaging at about 70F which means it can actually get quite warm in there. Behind and to the left of this photo, about 50ft away are the bathrooms. Walking over there is always a contest with yourself: can I make it there and back without my jacket, gloves or goggles? Today was a milestone for me: jeans and a hooded sweatshirt – no problem. -16F can be withstood for 20sec at a time – especially without much wind and in this dry air. And this is from someone who has only been here for a week – I saw a woman someone carrying supplies between the buildings the other day in a sleeveless t-shirt.

Living in the main station on the other hand is much nicer, but apparently to stay there one needs more “ice time” or seniority on their project than I.  I do, though, work in the main station most of the day. You can always spot those people though – walking around with wet hair, flip-flops and a smug grin.

2 Responses to “Summer camp, and the livin’ is easy…”

  1. Shelli Says:

    And they ask me if I’d want to go to the pole with Keith…. I don’t see any room service menu here! And are those even Frette sheets? I dont think so!

  2. t' Says:

    as i sit here shivering in my relatively toasty part of the world, i’m glad to be visiting the south pole vicariously … thanx you, ksb! :->

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