Yes, the pole…

South Pole Station

I’ve been here a few days now, staying inside most of the time adjusting to the altitude and drinking lots of water (it is extremely dry here). In order to stay in sync with the satellite availability I’ve shifted my sleeping schedule to be awake during those times -meaning I’m swapping am and pm. That is a bit easier to do when the sun never sets, it just circles around us counterclockwise. Getting sleepy? Go outside. If the cold doesn’t wake you up the bright sunshine will.

Yesterday, I walked out to the ICL (IceCube Counting Lab) and took this photo looking back towards the main station. The ICL is where all the computers are for the IceCube project (the reason I’m here). The visibility for the last few days was very poor (perhaps 20 ft) and I didn’t like the idea of walking outside and getting lost 100ft from a building. Anyway, the photo above shows (from right to left): the new main station, the dome, and on the far left the flags surrounding the ceremonial pole.

The main station is new and getting it’s final touches done to it. Once all that siding is in place it is going to look pretty damn cool, though I don’t think they will finish it this summer season. The dome has been there since the 70’s and is scheduled to be taken down, and I hear possibly re-constructed in California somewhere. I’m tempted to go over there and scratch a mark into it and then be able to point it out sometime when at home.

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