McMurdo Station, Antarctica

C-17 in McMurdo

Here is the C-17 which took me from Christchurch, NZ to McMurdo station in Antarctica. We landed at Pegasus field which is out on the frozen sea ice of the Ross Sea. The flight was amazing, got to go up into the cockpit and talk to the pilots. The plane is so loud that they gave me headphones with a mic to talk to them, it was like I was on the radio or some such. They asked me all about Neutrinos and the IceCube project. I did my best all the while taking photos and staring out the windows down at the sea ice of the Southern Ocean and then the mountains of Antarctica.

McMurdo station itself isn’t much to speak of, lots of buildings, dirt (nothing green except the buildings at New Zealand’s nearby Scott’s base). There are, I think, a little over one thousand people at McMurdo station which is the main entry point to Antarctica for the US programs.

Scott’s Point, Hut and the Ross Sea

McMurdo is surrounded by some amazing mountains and scenery, though. This is Scott’s Point as seen from McMurdo looking out to the Ross Sea. You can barely make it out in this photo, but you can also see Scott’s Hut – where many of the early Antarctic expeditions were staged.

3 Responses to “McMurdo Station, Antarctica”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    C-17 is wheeled NOT on skis, hence why you landed at Pegasus.

  2. ksb Says:

    Corrected. Thanks.

  3. Greg Bernett Says:

    Been there, done that…even got the spoon at the shopette there..

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