Destination Zulu

Weather for South Pole Station
The date is 01-14-2007 at 3:41 AM

-21.9 C -7.4 F

-36.8 C -34.2 F

22.2 kts Grid 325

686.5 mb (10384 ft)

A bit windy, but this is actually quite warm for the pole.

Initially the first thing that hits you when you get off the plane at the pole (assuming you turned right and not left into the running propellers of the C-130) is the cold. You’ve got on your ECW so the cold isn’t so bad. What really takes it’s toll on you is the thin air. The natural elevation of the pole is just over 9 thousand feet (almost all of it ice), but because the air is thinner at the poles (on a spinning planet) what you experience is more like 10+ thousand feet. The barometric pressure, tells the story – here the scroll shows it is physiologically 10,384 feet. After climbing the two flights of stairs up to the main station, where it is warm, you are sucking air and your head is spinning. The advice they give to all is to take it easy for a few days. This is good advice to follow because your brain is swelling due to the thin air and you are going to be stupid for a few days.

One Response to “Destination Zulu”

  1. freeForm Says:

    “you are going to be stupid for a few days…”
    kinda like “Prada Keith”?

    Thanks for the blog updates keith.
    Keep’em coming.

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