Flying forward in time

AA     #602:  1hr 15min
  SFO Jan  8 4:50pm -> LAX Jan  8  6:05pm
Qantas #26:  12hr 30min
  LAX Jan  8 8:30pm -> AKL Jan 10  6:00am
Qantas #4115: 1hr 20min
  AKL Jan 10 9:00am -> CHC Jan 10 10:20am

This has got to be the best alibi ever.

“Alright Beattie, we know it was you! Where were you on the night of Jan 9th 2007?”

“Sorry, that day didn’t exist for me.”

On the other hand, it is now Weds afternoon and the last time I went to bed was Sunday night. Two double-lattes and walking around the square in Christchurch is required for staying awake for dinner (at least). Just remember to look to the right when crossing the street (they drive on the wrong side of the street here).


One Response to “Flying forward in time”

  1. t' Says:

    how neat! time travel! :->

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